Operating Systems That Have Visited My Site

As regular readers will know I am into statistics and numbers so I though I would share the following with you.

BrowersThe table at left shows all the various operating systems that have visited my site since I started it up 21 months ago.

It is probably not that much of a surprise that the top three are Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows Vista. These three account for a combined total of 80 percent.

Then 4th and 5th are the MacOSX and iPhone operating systems with a combined total of 11 percent. So all together the Top 5 of the 19 various operating systems used to access my site sum up to 91 percent.

Another interesting observation is that 4 times as many iPhones accessed my site as did Android phones. This is a bit odd considering that there are supposed to be about twice as many Android phones out there as there are iOS (iPhone) phones.

I guess what this is telling me is that iPhone users are more likely to be surfing the Web using their phones than are Android phone users.

Then in the bottom half of the table we have 51 accessed from Windows 95/98 PCs (Win9x) and even 15 accesses from Playstation Portables with 12 from Playstation 3s.

Unbelievably there were even six accesses from Windows computers running the ancient and almost forgotten Windows 3.1/3.11 (second last) and Windows NT 3.51/4 (last).

Well that probably bored about 99 percent of my readers, but I found it interesting.