In Need of Another Rapture: Uniques Plummet to 70

During the days of the countdown to the Rapture, way back around the 21st of May, my uniques counter (the number of people visiting my site) skyrocketed up to over 700 per day. Well for two days it did. But now it has plummeted back down to the ‘normal’ range of around 70.

It would seem that none, or very few, of those new visitors that clicked across to my site during the lead up to the Rapture have decided to become regular readers. They just clicked over following a link at some other site (possibly a Google search), checked out the Rapture posting from the link, and then forgot all about Abalook.


The new date for the Rapture is now 21st October 2011 but it is probably a bit too soon to start a countdown to that.