ARIS: Goodshit

GoodshitLinkPicA site I check a lot, probably almost every day, is “Goodshit”. I am not too sure how long Goodshit has been around but if you click on the archives link at Goodshit there is stuff going back to May 2001. However clicking on many of the very early archive links brings up what is a basically ‘empty’ archive (there is not a lot in the archive you can open).

Goodshit is sort of a combination of a news aggregator plus a link-sharing site, except only the owner of the site shares links that he thinks are interesting to his readership.

The two big differences between Goodshit and other aggregator link-sharing sites is that (a) there is no advertising either as side-links or as pop-ups (none, zip, zero); and (b) interspersed amongst the bad news (okay, not ALL news is bad news) is some light-relief stress-regulating eyecandy for men; a sample of which is shown at left and below.

Also regularly sprinkled throughout Goodshit are video clips, pictures, and articles of or about:

  • Scarlettclassic rock’n’roll bands and artists such as Creedence Clearwater Revival, Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, The Beatles, and the Rolling Stones;
  • Scarlett Johansson;
  • Marilin Monroe;
  • the American Civil War;
  • early American Indians;
  • early American times (cities and people); and
  • war (mainly, but not only, Korea and Vietnam).

Following is a sample of some the links on the first ‘page’ of Goodshit today as I compile this posting:

> Written in the Shadow of Death—A soldier’s writings from the Korean war in 1952.

> Scientists hail the single pill that halves the risk of hear disease.

> Scareware, you, and your Mac—About the growing levels of computer viruses targeting Mac computers.

> Coney Island—This links over to the Shorpy site and features a pretty awesome night time (time exposure) black and white (obviously) picture from 1905 of Coney Island.

> Ten of the ugliest cars ever made.

> The Rise and Fall of the Comanche ‘Empire’—The title makes the content pretty obvious and I found this an interesting read.

Note that none of the above examples are linked. If you want to check them out then pop over to Goodshit and scroll down to find them. You can get to Goodshit by clicking on either of the eye-candy images [Use Ctrl+Click to open Goodshit in a new Tab, or use Shift+Click if you use Opera as your browser].

If you are male and about 45 or over then you will probably find a lot of newsy stuff to interest you at Goodshit, and if you are under 45 then there is always the light-relief stressregulating eyecandy to ponder over.