ABotW: Isla Fisher

Isla1By popular demand the next Abalook Babe of the Week is Isla Fisher.

Okay. You got me. There was only one lonely comment to the first ABotW Lucy Hale posting suggesting Isla Fisher. But Isla is as good a candidate as anyone. She is, after all, Australian—sort of. She is actually of Scottish parentage (explains the red hair I guess) and did not come to Australia until she was four.

Even better, not only is she from Australia, she is from Western Australia.

So that’s it then. The 2nd ABotW is Isla Fisher.

For those having trouble with her first name it is pronounced as ‘eye-lah’. Just how you get ‘eye-lah’ out of Isla seems a bit Scottish to me but apparently that’s how it goes. According to the entry in Wikipedia she was named after the Island of Islay (which I assume has something to do with Scotland).

Isla started her career off appearing in commercials at age nine. At 18 she co-authored two children's books. From 1994 to 1997 she was Shannon in the Australian TV soapy “Home and Away”.

Since 2001 she has featured in 17 movies, although for one of these she does not appear on the screen. She just did the voice of Beans in the movie Rango.

Isla2As usual I have spent hours (seriously) scouring the Internet trying to find not-so-common pictures of Isla for your viewing pleasure. This was actually somewhat of a challenge because not only do I try to find ‘different’ pictures they also need to be of a reasonably quality.

Many of the pictures of Isla on the Web and in the Newsgroups are small and of relatively low quality.

In an interview back in 1997 Isla said that she thought her best attribute was her legs. So I have tried to find some good pictures showing off her legs.



Isla5The picture at right is not that uncommon, in fact it can be found on many Web sites. Even so I decided to include it because she just looks so darn cute.

I assume the photographer was going for some kind of 1950s cheesecake style poster type look. In fact this picture may even come from a commercially available poster. I am not sure. If so then I hope the copyright holder does not come after me.

In the following picture I have tried some trickyish editing. I have selected Isla (as best I could) and then desaturated the background. I did this to make the people in the background sort of disappear; or at least not be so obvious in the picture.

Isla6Then I have every so slightly over-saturated Isla. This brings out the red hair which has sort of been killed by the powerful flash.

This is a good picture to demonstrate why Ilsa thinks her legs are her best attribute.

The last two pictures are sort of a couple of ‘bonus’ pictures because I was going to finish with this shot—after spending the better part of an half an hour editing it.

I included the first of the two bonus shots because it does show a young Ilsa looking a bit like Lucy Hale as suggested by reader xavidx. If you compare this picture of Isla to the third last picture of Lucy (here) there is a resemblance. Well  … except for the hair colour and eye colour. Sort of. Maybe to a blind man on a galloping horse anyway (as my dad often used to say).

There is some kind of green cast going on in this picture (below) that I just could not get out without the picture going bad. If I had the RAW of it I could have got it out but there is just not enough to work with in the JPG I found on the Newsgroups.



From start to finish this posting probably took something like four hours to craft up, including the editing and finishing of the images I used. I am going to have to get faster at this because four hours is too long to put into a single posting each week.