Pentax K-5 Pips the Nikon D7000

I doubt that there is any camera review organisation that does a more thorough test and review of new cameras than In their reviews of the Nikon D7000 and the Pentax K-5 gave the K-5 a Gold Award with 83 points overall and the D7000 a Silver Award with 80 points.


[Graphic links to the K-5 review at the site]

The main area where the K-5 lost out to the D7000 was value however since December when the review was done the price of the K-5 body (in Australia) has dropped $300 from $1,899 to $1,599 whereas the D7000 has only dropped $100 and now costs $1,529. There is now only $70 difference between the K-5 and the D7000. This is using Camera-Warehouse prices as at 20th June 2011 (here).

The main area where the K-5 outperformed the D7000, as can be seen in the above chart from, was ‘Metering & focus accuracy’.

Why is this interesting? Well it is to me because I am thinking about upgrading from my Pentax K-7 and was considering the Nikon D7000.