The *AWESOME* Nokia N9: But Will it Sell?

NokiaN9Have you seen the new *awesome* Nokia N9 mobile phone? It is stunning and comes with stunning specifications.

The picture at right was lifted from and clicking the picture will take you to the related Engadget article on the phone.

The N9 has far and away the best 8 megapixel phone camera of any mobile phone on the market featuring Carl Zeiss optics and 40 percent larger sensor (which helps to provide the great image quality). Also the time-to-shoot time for the Nokia is the fastest around. From out-of-pocket to taking a picture is 2.6 seconds with the N9 (compared to 3 seconds with the iPhone 4).

The N9’s camera also has an amazing f2.2 effective fully-open f-stop rating.

NokiaN9-2The image at left is from ZDnet. Clicking the image will take you to the ZDnet review.

The N9 has a fabulous 3.9” AMOLED display with Gorilla Glass (so you can’t scratch it). The body is a single piece of polycarbonate and is colour infused. This means you can’t scratch the colour off. The  polycarbonate body is coloured the colour and it is not just a colour skin—if you get what I mean.

Nokia are also claiming that the N9 has significantly improved reception capabilities compared to other mobile phones on the market, partially due to the one piece polycarbonate body design.






The above image is from TechRadar and clicking the image will take you to the TechRadar site.

One issue I identified was that the N9 does not support an SD memory card. This omission won’t be appreciated by many potential buyers.

But now for the *BIG* problem.

The N9 doesn’t run Android or Windows Phone 7, or, obviously Apple’s iOS. It runs a new, never seen before, operating system called Meego (or MeeGo). With Android holding something like 50 percent of the mobile phone buyer market, and Apple taking about 23 percent with the iOS operating system on the iPhone, and Windows Phone 7 with about seven percent, do people really want to have to deal with yet another mobile phone operating system? This is the question. I guess we will find out soon enough.