Lose Your License … And Miss Out on Sex

I think this is only my second ever link-over to YouTube in 420+ postings. My first was the link to the video for the song “Big Jet Plane” (here).

Sadly I don’t know how to embed YouTube videos in line. I must work out how to do that one day. I’m sure it is easy (after all, isn’t everything on the Web supposed to be ‘intuitive’).

This video is of an advert about drink driving and one of the huge downsides to losing your driving license as a result of drink driving. Sadly the person who captured and posted the video got the aspect ratio wrong so you have to suffer with the ‘squeezed’ faces look that you get when you watch 16:9 video in 4:3 format—but even so it is worth a look.

Click here to link to YouTube and see the video [Use Ctrl+Click to view in a new Tab].

It starts off okay with these two teens pashing in the car and the girl really getting into it. But then we see that they are in a [spoiler goes here] and then we see that this pash session is costing him [next spoiler goes here].

Who knows? This kind of advert might end up being way more effective than the blood and gore advertising they have been trying before to get (young) people to stop drink driving.


Edit: Thanks to divideXzero I can now embed the YouTube video. It’s so easy Smile

So here it is embedded … or you can go to the link above and see it at YouTube.