Ring the Bell: 100 Uniques

RingTheBellTwo days ago on the 27th of this month (on the USA calendar because SquareSpace works to that calendar even though I am located in Australia) I hit exactly 100 uniques.

This is the first time I have hit the ‘magical’ 100 since I posted about the end of the world.

The uniques count quickly fell back down to my 60 average (with 57 uniques on 28th July) but even so it was exciting to hit the ‘big’ 100 on the 27th.

As always thanks to anyone who is linking over to my site from their site. Also thanks to anyone who might have e-mailed a link from my site to their friends.

The *REALLY* annoying thing is that I cannot tell from the SquareSpace hit statistics what the posting of interest might have been.