The Six Sixes: How Modern Women Pick Men

There is an e-mail going around suggesting that modern educated women use the Six Sixes rule when picking a man. The Six Sixes are (in no particular order):

  1. At least six foot tall.
  2. A six-figure salary.
  3. Can hold an intelligent conversation for longer than six minutes and not use profanities.
  4. At least six months since their last relationship.
  5. At least 600 horsepower under the bonnet (of your car).
  6. At least six inches.

When my wife ‘picked’ me I would have failed on 2 and 5. But assuming 2 can be adjusted for inflation for 35 years I probably complied on that as well way back then. Let’s see. I was training to be an accountant way back then—I should know how to do this calculation. The averaged inflation rate over the last 35 years was 5.0755 percent. If we assume the desired “six-figure” salary starting point from today is $150,000 … then … I think that calculation is:

$150,000 / (1.050755**35)

If so, then that would mean I needed to be on $26,518 back then to comply with Rule 2. Yep. I am pretty sure I would have complied back then.

But sadly my car was only a basic 4.1 litre six cylinder Ford Cortina and there is no way it would have had anywhere near 600 horsepower. So maybe it also works if you can hit just five out of the six?