ABotM: Doutzen Kroes


DKF02I am having to change the ABotW (Abalook Babe of the Week) to the ABotM (Abalook Babe of the Month). It just takes so long to find the pictures, edit them up to the standard I want, and then craft up some words to go with the posting. Doing it weekly in between taking photographs with my new camera, working (in my day job), and doing other ‘normal’ posts to the site is just too hard.

Anyway—my first two ABotW postings didn’t exactly bring a flood of new visitors rushing over to my site.

So, this week’s, errr, month’s, Babe of the Week, errr, Month, is Doutzen Kroes. Good old Wikipedia informs us that Doutzen is Dutch and she was born in 1985 (making her 26-ish, depending exactly when her birthday is).

Although she is not as well known as many of the other world-wide ‘supermodels’ she was listed as 5th in the 2010 Top 15 Forbes Supermodels.

DKF03Doutzen is a regular Victoria’s Secret model and has done the annual Victoria’s Secret runway fashion show four times (2005, 2006, 2008, and 2009). Because I really do try to bring you pictures that are not that common I have resisted posting all but one picture of Doutzen on the Victoria’s Secret runway—which follows.


In one of the interviews that I found Doutzen says she loves modelling. Not only does it pay amazingly well but she gets to travel a lot and to wear some amazing clothes and shoes, and sometimes even gets to keep them or buy them at much lower cost.

Here are four more carefully digitally enhanced pictures of Doutzen for your viewing pleasure.




And here is my final picture with Doutzen much younger just starting her modelling career.