K-5: Moss in the Driveway Paving

Now and then since I got the K-5 I take it outside around the house and try to find something in the yard to photograph and somehow make an interesting picture of it. Most times I do not find anything very exciting to photograph and I am sure the few flowers in our yard are sick and tired of having a camera aimed at them.

But today I did find something a little bit different. Moss growing between the paving on our driveway.

It has just been raining and the sun was still covered by clouds but a few rays were making it through. The light that was making it through the cloud cover was sort of making the damp moss look like it was glowing causing it to look like neon-green; or hi-viz green.

I wasn’t too sure how the picture would turn out but the K-5 did a reasonable job of getting it right.


This was captured using ISO 400 at 1/160 shutter speed and f22 (to get as much depth-of-field as I could). I was using my current favourite lens the 18 – 135mm PENTAX zoom and it was at 36mm for this picture.

Knowing my wife I am sure that it is only a matter of time before she either blasts this moss away with water pressure, or scrapes it out with a stick or shovel. If it were up to me I would just leave it there. It doesn’t look that bad and it is somehow managing to survive with cars driving over it all the time.