Maybe I Should Write About Fashion: Bonnie Friday

A Perth-based blogger, Bonnie Doran, has become instantly famous—well, sort of; semi-instantly famous anyway. It seems she has made it into the eight Round 4 finalists of some kind of fashion blogging competition being run by Nokia and Elle.

From a quick read of a handful of postings at Bonnie’s site it seems that these eight finalists will now get to go to New York and cover New York Fashion Week.

Bonnie Doran’s blog is called Bonnie Friday and you can find it here. Also clicking any of the images below will take you to Bonnie’s site.

Following is the latest posting at Bonnie’s site when I just went there.


Interestingly the PerthNow article (here) that brought Bonnie’s good luck to my attention does not contain a link to Bonnie’s site anywhere—which is rather curious. Was this just an oversight by the author or was it a considered and premeditated example of don’t-post-the-link? I wonder . . .

BonniesButtonThere is a “Please vote for me!” button on Bonnie’s site but it only works if you have a Facebook account. I don’t have one, otherwise I would have voted for her. Well, she is from Perth after all.

As popular as her site has become, with 1,300 uniques per day at one stage (I am jealous), I see that Bonnie has the same issue I do with getting people to comment. As you can see there are no comments to the posting shown above, and ‘only’ nine comments to the following posting.


So if she is only getting between zero and nine comments from 1,300 uniques then my readers are downright chatty in comparison.

I like Bonnie’s writing style even though she does tend to forget to put in the full-stop now and then; and I did not spot a single em dash in any of the items I read. What is it Wilbur Smith said? Something along the lines of: “Good writers will use em dashes at least one on every page—even if they don’t need them.”

Bonnie also seems to be boycotting the Oxford comma—that’s the comma that should precede the word ‘and’ when stringing together a comma delimited list in a sentence. Following is an example of Bonnie’s writing style (and the image links to the actual posting it came from).


I am also not too sure about Bonnie’s taste in heels. But anyway; she is from Perth. So vote if you can (if you have a Facebook account) even though I am not that sure she actually needs any more support now that she is already in “The 8”.

Bonnie: I average about 65 uniques per day so if ten percent of them link-over and vote that will be six more votes Smile … Good luck.