Somebody is Linking Over to my Cupcakes Posting

Over the last week I have had 28 direct-link hits to my posting about cupcakes being the new muffins (here). There are only two ways this can happen. Either people are searching for cupcakes using Google and then clicking to a search result showing my site, or someone has put a direct link to my cupcake posting on their site.

I tried doing a search using Google with “cupcakes” and “muffins” in the search line and my site does not show up in the first five pages. Based on the fact that something like 95 percent of people only check the first three pages of search results and only 30 percent go to five pages of results it seems very unlikely that the 28 direct hits resulted from a Google search—if you catch my logic here.

So that means someone is linking over from their site; which is kind of cool. Pity I can’t tell what site it is.

Two interestingly named sites that I found when doing my Google search test were: the Cupcake Project (here) and Muffins Are Ugly Cupcakes (here).

CupcakeprojectThe Cupcake Project has a section that lists about six screens of cupcake recipes and includes cupcakes like Coffee cupcakes, Oatmeal Raisin cupcakes, Strawberry Banana cupcakes, and Yogurt and Honey cupcakes. Clicking on the picture will take you to the recipe page.

The MuffinsAreUglyCupcakes site is a Wordpress blog site and it seems to be the blog of a bona-fide pastry chef. Despite the name it does not seem to have a lot on it about cupcakes or muffins. It is more related to just making cakes in general—which I guess is probably to be expected from the blog of a pastry chef.

I realise 28 direct links over a week is hardly something to throw a party over. That only works out to four hits per day averaged over the week. But when your site is only getting about 65 uniques per day that works out to six percent of the hits (I know, it’s pathetic really).