Thinking of Making a Theme Pack for Windows 7

While watching Windows Weekly Episode 223 (which is one of the TWiT ‘channels’) Paul Thurrott got the host Leo Laporte to bring up a couple of the Windows 7 theme packs that Paul had put together using photographs taken by a friend.

I have downloaded and used many various Windows 7 theme packs since I first installed Windows 7 including themes from:

  • Windows 7 Themes Net (here).
  • Windows 7 Themes Com (here).
  • Microsoft’s own collection of Windows 7 themes (here).
  • 26 Awesome Windows 7 Themes (here).
  • 32 Gorgeous Windows 7 themes (here).
  • Themes for Windows 7 (here)—some nice babe themes at this site.
  • Winification Themes (here)—more babe themes here as well.

Following is a sample of the wallpapers from the “Sexy Abstract” Windows 7 theme from Winification that features Jessica Alba.


Following are some screens from the Microsoft Calligraphy theme that I used for about a week not that long ago.


Most of the theme packs also change your Aero settings. This means your start bar changes colour as does the outline and title bar of Windows. Some also change your sounds, like the Microsoft Calligraphy theme pack does. I find the ones that change your sounds to ‘novelty’ sounds can be very annoying and I generally have to go in and change the sounds back to something not annoying. But some sound themes are an interesting break from the standard Windows sounds.

Some theme packs are very professional and include the correct size and resolution versions of their pictures for each of the common screen sizes—all hand crafted to fit with perfect picture quality. Other less professional theme pack authors don’t take this time and care, and the pictures are simply resized so they lose quality; and in some cases will not even be the right aspect ratio for your screen.

The point of all this is that I am thinking of putting together a theme pack using some of my own photographs—yet to be taken. I am thinking along the lines of a Spring in the Hills theme pack as official spring time is now only days away; five days to be exact.