K-5: Ghost Tree with Less Mist at ISO 400

This is the same tree as featured in my posting “K-5: Ghost Tree in the Mist at ISO 800” (here). For some reason each time I drive by this tree it catches my eye and each time it looks different and, a bit like Jennifer Hawkins, it always seems to be in need of having even more photographs taken of it.

This time I have wound the camera’s sensitivity down by one full stop to ISO 400 and there is much less mist in the picture. The lower ISO and the thinner mist has resulted in a much crisper picture of the (dead) tree.


As you can tell by the long shadows in the foreground—which are coming from trees way over on the other side of the road behind me—this shot was taken early morning in what photographers call the ‘blue’ morning light on the way from the motel to my work.

In this less misty shot you can now clearly see the tree line in the background. If you study it for a few extra seconds you will also make out the power lines that I mentioned in the original posting—but the they are still sort of slightly masked out by the small about of mist remaining in the air.

For anyone slightly interested in this subject following is a wider shot.



EDIT: Post updated at 1:00 p.m. 5th August.

Following is the cropping suggested by christineC in her comment with the bush on the left of the picture cropped out (and I have also cropped a bit off the bottom in order to maintain the aspect ratio of the image above).


PinkThing-PostAnd this (at left) is “the pink coloured thing in the foreground”. As far as I can make out from this enlarged crop (don’t you love DSLRs … try doing this with your camera-phone pictures) it is a rock with pink paint on it. Just why there would be pink paint on a rock in this paddock I have no idea. But there you are. Unless it is some kind of pink moss?