1,400 Year Old Angel Oak Tree

BerryCoffeeWhile I was away this week, sitting alone at night in the motel trying to find stuff on the Web to look at, I trawled through some of the ‘archive’ stuff at The Berry site. The Berry is one of those many site I visit semi-regularly but usually I just go to the ‘front page’ of the Morning Coffee section The Berry (click on image at right if you would like to check out The Berry’s Morning Coffee page).

While clicking through some of the archive postings on The Berry, in October 2010 I came across the following picture and I thought I would post it up for two reasons.

Firstly it is a great picture and it looks even better bigger (click on the picture to see it larger at The Berry site—remember to use Ctrl+Click to open the link in a new Tab). It looks a bit like a HDR processed image but I am pretty sure that it is not. When you look at the larger view there is no halo effect happening and the tone mapping does look about right for a picture taken on an overcast day. I suspect it may have had the saturation turned up a little—but possibly not.

Secondly this tree, which is apparently an Angel Oak (great name for a tree, love it), is 1,400 years old.


This amazing tree is in Charleston S.C. (South Carolina in the USA—I looked it up on Wikipedia).