Link-overs: The Girl Paradox (270+ Uniques)

Holy Snapping Duckshit (HSD for short) I have 274 uniques for the day and there is still six hours of the day to go.

274 Uniques!!!!

274UniquesThat is a huge number for my site and with six hours still to go maybe I will get past 300.

If I had a bottle of champagne here at the motel unit I would open it up and have a celebration drink—even if I am all alone. Especially if I hit 300 by midnight.

274GirlParadoxSo—I can hear you asking—what are they all looking at? Well 64.8 percent of them, as you can see from the statistics pie for today so far, are linking directly to my post from the 17th May 2010 titled “The Girl Paradox” which features the set diagram shown at left.

Where are they linking-over from? Well it seems they are linking over from Facebook. A huge 90 percent of my referrals today came from Facebook.

Many thanks to whomever it is that has put a link-over to my site on their Facebook page.

You can bet I will be staying up until midnight here at the motel to see what the counter gets to.

Oh … the diagram links over to the original posting and remember … Ctrl+Click to open in a new Tab.