Kodak Facing Bankruptcy (Unconfirmed)

This will be a really short post as I am keying it one-handed laying on my side in bed. I stuffed my back on Monday. Great start to the New Year—NOT!

I just spotted on the Web that Kodak is about to file for bankruptcy. It is only posted on a blog site and a quick check of the main newspapers, including the New York Times and the UK Telegraph, does not show up anything.

Assuming this report is true it will be kind of sad . Sad because, like many other camera enthusiasts my age, I have shot 100s of rolls of Kodak negative and slide film. Sad because they were once a great well known and liked company. Sad because of the thousands of people who are presumably about to lose their jobs.

I guess if this is the case then it will, should anyway, be in the main news in morning.