Munted Back Slows Down Postings

Here it is the 8th of January and I have only done two posts. This is because I am basically broken; well if not actually broken then significantly munted.

I did my back in on Monday and even now here on Sunday evening, six days later, I still can’t walk much further than about 20 metres until I have to sit down due the pain. But this is a lot better than Monday and Tuesday when I could not even sit up on the edge of the bed due to the intensity of the pain.

The best way I can think of to explain the pain would be ‘intense white blinding pain’.

So, you might be asking, what was I doing to cause such damage to my back: chopping wood; digging holes; moving large heavy bricks/blocks; high jumping; changing a tyre (a friend once did some serious damage to his back in the process of changing a tyre); horse riding or bull roping; or helping a friend to move house? Nope! None of these (which I looked up on the Internet as common causes of back incidents).

Believe it or not I had just had a shower that Monday morning and was wiping myself down. I kid you not. I sort of turned a little to the right to pat off any remaining moisture on my butt and kapow! Luckily I was standing very close to the bed because I basically collapsed from the pain but managed to collapse onto the bed—where I then stayed until midday Wednesday. Seriously—I couldn’t get out of that bed for over two days due the pain of trying to sit up on the edge of the bed.

About midday Wednesday I was able to very slowly manoeuvre myself out of bed and make it to the toilet by moving a kitchen chair in front of me to lean on (using it as a ‘walker’). By Friday I was able to make it to the toilet—which is an en-suite and is only about five metres from the bed—without the need to use the kitchen chair as a walker.

So now it is day six after the back-munting happened. My back is continuing to slowly repair itself. I am now able to make it from the bedroom to the lounge room and yesterday (Saturday) I managed to have a long overdue shower even though it did involve coping with a high degree of pain.

During my laid-up time in bed I had a number of thoughts about what I could punch up Abalook postings about and I have recorded them all in OneNote. At this stage I cannot work in the office due to the pain of sitting in the office chair. I am entering this post up with my laptop computer resting on the arm of the lounge chair sitting in the lounge room. Not really the best ergonomic arrangement and I am making a lot of typing errors as I try to touch-type with the keyboard located off to the left-hand side.

Probably not the best start to the New Year but one thing is for certain, there will be tens of thousands of people across the world who had a much worse start to the New Year.

Hopefully I will be able to work from the office soon.