Titbit: Microsoft Office 15 Due This Year (About September Maybe)

Microsoft have announced that the next version of the Microsoft Office suite, which has the formal version number of 15 (Office 2010 was version 14) is likely to be released late this summer—which means late this winter in Australia.

Based on those hints I am guessing that means around about September; but that is simply a guess.

At this stage the actual marketing name for Office 15 is not known, however as version 12 was called Office 2007 and version 14 was called Office 2010 (there was no version 13) it is most likely that Office 15 will be marketed as Office 2012.

Two of the biggest changes with Office 15 are expected to be that it will be available in a version that will run using the new WinRT engine on Windows tablets (including AMD-based tablets) and that it will be adapted such that it can be used more easily via ‘touch’ on a touch screen tablet.

Windows 8 is also due out this year, in fact the general test release of Windows 8 is only weeks away—due on the 29th of this month.

So with Windows 8 also due this year there is a line of thinking among the tech industry that Microsoft might release Windows 8 and Office 15 together late in their summer (our winter).