Top 10 Most ‘Clicked’ Female Celebrities for 2011

According to the increasingly popular Chickipedia wiki (which is sort of a wiki but not really a proper wiki*) the most ‘clicked’ female celebrities for 2011 were:

  1. Clicked01Megan Fox.
  2. Lucy Pinder.
  3. Jessica Alba.
  4. Kim Kardashian.
  5. Pamela Anderson.
  6. Angelina Jolie.
  7. Denise Milani.
  8. Scarlett Johansson.
  9. Jenna Jameson.
  10. Keeley Hazell.

I am not too sure how the people at Chickipedia worked out just which babes are the most clicked. The reality is that they probably don’t and cannot. After all pictures of babes can be ‘clicked’ from any one of a billion or more pages across the InterWeb—including a few from many of my previous postings.

So in the end they probably do a lot of estimating and apply some statistical math based on some known metrics, which is another way of saying they basically just guess which female celebrity might have been the most clicked.

Clicked02A couple of my favourites that missed out on the Top 10 were Kate Beckinsale and Anne Hathaway. According to Chickipedia’s counting they think that Kate Beckinsale probably ranked 24th in how often she got ‘clicked’.

I mean; seriously. Check out the picture of Kate at left. 24th! How can that be right? She should surely be up in the Top 10.

Then there is Anne Hathaway being slotted in at 28th. Just wait until the new Batman movie comes out with Anne as Catwoman. I am pretty darn sure that her ‘click’ rating will skyrocket once that movie hits the screens.

Interestingly Britney Spears made it to 12th yet the very popular (with the lads) Mila Kunis was 33rd. Taylor Swift clicked in (so to speak) at 39th and Zooey Deschanel—another favourite of mine—was rated at 44th.

Clicked03If you are a little interested in checking out Chickipedia then it can be found over at the Made Man site. Clicking on either of the pictures above will take you directly to the Chickipedia section of Made Man [Use Ctrl+Click to open Chickipedia in a new Tab, unless you use the Opera browser in which case use Shift+Click].

There is all sorts of interesting and exciting eye candy at Chickipedia such as “The Hottest Photos of Michelle Vawer”—I had never heard of her either. Turns out she is featured in the 2012 edition of the Sport Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and just because I am a giving kind of person I have include a picture of her at right.

I have to say that is a very red swimsuit. She could almost wear that as hi-visibility clothing on a mine site it is so bright. But then, if she was walking around a mine site she would probably cause a lot of serious accidents because none of the men would be looking at anything other than her.

There are also things like “Chick of the Month” and this is currently Keeley Hazell.

Then there is the “Hot Photos” section which features different selections of attractive women.

One marginally annoying thing about Chickipedia is that there are adverts and sometimes these are full-screen and you have to close them. I guess they have to try and make money somehow.

BarryMark* It is a wiki in that it does allow readers to fill in some of the blanks about the featured babes but does not allow—as far as I could see—readers to make or add new entries (but I could be wrong).

Edit … 23/2/2012 11:00 p.m. >>>>

Okay. After playing around with Chickipedia a little more I have found out you can add new babe entries so it probably does qualify as a wiki.