Might Have to Watch More Tennis: Arantxa Rus

I just came across this on Reddit and I am thinking that I really might have to start taking a little more interest in tennis which won’t be hard as the current amount of time I devote to watching and tracking tennis would be about one hour per year—at most.


I am not sure how one pronounces Arantxa; maybe something like Arant-she-a? Just a guess.

For anyone interested following are a couple more pictures of Anrantxa I dug up and re-edited to give them a little more snap’n’zap.



Seems Arantxa is from South Holland. She was born in December 1990 (making her 21 at the time of this posting). She won the Australian Open for Juniors in 2008 and, according to Wikipedia, she became the No. 1 world ranker junior tennis player later in 2008.

She turned professional late in 2008. In 2011 she managed to defeat the No. 2 ranked Kim Clijsters in the French Open.

As at 30th January 2012 she was ranked 93rd in the world.

Just for fun I searched Chickiapedia and sure enough Arantxa was listed (here) although the pictures at Chickapedia were no where near as good as the ones I mined from the Interweb. I was tempted to register at Chickipedia and upload my edited pictured to them but then I decided not to. I suspect that registering at Chickapedia probably causes a flood of SPAM e-mail.