My Unique Visitor Count is (Sadly) Trending Down

Through November and December of 2011, and also for January of 2012, I had my highest average number of unique visitors per day to my site. In those months I even managed a number of days where my unique visitor count for the day exceeded 200.

It seems that during those months the single main attraction on my site was my posting of Adrianne Palicki. Even now at the end of February the posting about Adrianne is generally in the Top 5. But as the popularity of my Adrianne posting trends down the average unique visitors count for my site is following it—down.

I am still getting about 130 visitors per day which a much better than prior to November when my daily average was around the 65 to 70 mark; but I am no longer getting numbers in the 180 to 200 zone. This is kind of disheartening because I was sort of hoping that my consistent average by mid-year would be 200. Based on the current trend it is looking pretty unlikely that I will achieve this.

Also a key rule with site visitor numbers is supposed to be something like “the more visitors you get then the more visitors you get”. The idea being that as more visitors come and then tell others then your count keeps going up; and the general rate of increase should also increase.

As you can see this general rule of the Web is not working very well for me.

It is very obvious that cute babe related postings drag in the most visitors and this probably comes about from them being found by Google searches. On any given day at least eight of the Top 10 postings being visited will be babe related postings. My non-babe related informational postings have a very low hit ratio.

TotUniqueVisitorsOn the upside, according to the SquareSpace statistics, I have had 4,853 unique visitors since I started my site back in August 2009. If only a quarter of these people had become regular visitors to my site then I would have a daily unique count up around 1,000. Now that would be something to celebrate.

Before I sign this posting off—because I did intend for it to be a short posting—I want to thank those readers who have kept coming back, and especially those (very few) readers who post (very) occasional comments; and also thanks to any readers who have posted links back to my site on other sites or in their Facebook entries or e-mailed links of interest to friends.

Edit . . . 1/3/2012 >>>

Please feel free to make any suggestion about what I should post that might get people coming back to my site.