Neon Blue Nutella Macarons

My son has decided to make Macarons to take over to his mate’s place this evening. To make them somewhat more interesting he has also decided to colour them bright blue and then instead of using chocolate filling he is going to use Nutella for the filling.

The following snap shows the Macaron halves not long after they came out of the oven.


This next snap shows the end result of one of the more technical exercises involved in the making of macarons; which for some reason I always thought were called ‘macaroons’ but it seems I am wrong—which is very rare. There is such a thing as a macaroon (see here on Wikipedia) but it is totally different to a macaron (see here on Wikipedia).

At this stage it is necessary to more-or-less match up the tops and bottoms, and you have to sort of get tops and bottoms of roughly the same size. Extremely technical . . .


This final picture shows the finished product ready to put in the car and take over to the mate’s house.

Note the Nutella jar in the background. Note also that there are a couple of pink macarons in the tray which were left over from a pervious baking session.

Despite the colour they all taste the same—I think.


My son assures me that the Nutella does harden up a bit because I suggested that using Nutella might not be such a good idea and that it would eventually weep out. But apparently it doesn’t.

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