Not a Single Comment in January

I nearly wasn’t going to make this post, but then I decided I would.

There has not been a single comment posted to my site since the 31st of December!

Seriously . . . No kidding . . . Not a single comment for all of January . . .

There were 17 comments in December—not counting comments made by me replying to comments made be someone else. And then for the whole of January not a single comment.

Okay. I know! Seventeen comments in a month is pretty pathetic anyway, but then to have none at all in January! I had to check my site settings to ensure that I had not accidently turned off commenting—I hadn’t.

To make this even more sort of bizarre January has been probably one of my biggest months for unique visitors per day and February has started off very well, as you can see from the following with 201 uniques yesterday and 192 so far today with half an hour to go before midnight.


It is almost as though there is some perverse ‘anti-curve’ at work here. As the number of unique visitors increases (curves up) the number of comments decreases (curves down; to zero).

Now I know my posting rate dropped off a bit in January for a couple of reasons, but surely you could find something in the 22 postings I made to comment on?

SquareSpace, who my site is hosted with, recently enabled their “prove you are a human before you can post” security and I am wondering if maybe that has stopped people commenting for some reason—although I don’t really know why it would.

Curious  . . .