Trillian Brought Back to Life

ComputerNameTrillianI am sure everyone will be happy to know that my main computer, which has the computer name “Trillian”, is all happy and working again. It was the power supply—as I suspected.

I took it over to Dr Mike’s. He’s the hardware guy. I sort of specialise in software and only dabble in the hardware side; Mike specialises in hardware components.

JenniferHawkinsHHIt was a VERY quick diagnoses. Dr Mike plugged in his supa-dupa power supply checker and it showed, without any possible doubt, that the power supply “was completely stuffed” (to use Dr Mike’s technical terminology for what the flashing lights on the power supply checker revealed).

No expense was spared. We got in a new $56 high-end 500w power supply and fitted it. After that Trillian powered on and booted up perfectly.

I am sure Trillian is now running about 10 percent faster. I think this could be because while she was in Dr Mike’s care he blew the crap out of her with his compressed air gun—or at least his son did (as Dr Mike himself is, theses days, sadly, 100 percent wheelchair bound). Also the old power supply was 400w and the new power supply we bolted in was 500w.

If you believe any of the above might have improved the performance of my computer then you will probably also believe that I have Jennifer Hawkins coming around tomorrow for a photo shoot.

For my American readers who may have no idea who Jennifer Hawkins is that is her at left and she was Miss Universe 2004.