Titbit: Game of Thrones Season Two

Anyone who is keeping a close eye on the TV series “The Game of Thrones” will know that season two is going to air in the USA and is currently up to episode 4—all if which are available on the various torrent aggregator sites.

IMGP1485-SmallAs part of my policy of buying anything I download and like, as you can see from the picture at right (still in the plastic wrap), I recently purchased the DVD-Video release of the first season of Game of Thrones.

I have watched season one of Game of Thrones right through two times and am thinking I will watch it again before I start to watch the new series; which technically should be called “A Clash of Kings” because that is what the second book is called. Only the first book in the seven book trilogy (and yes, I know what I just wrote before anyone decides to post a comment and tell me there are only three parts or books to a trilogy) was called “Game of Thrones”. But I guess the people making the series did not want to confuse the audience and go and change the name of the series to match the second book.