Titbit: Lumia 900 Coming in Pink

This is not an April 1st joke. Just thought I should point that out considering the last post.

Nokia have announced a pink Lumia 900 Windows phone.


So now, as far as I know, there are ebony black, cyan blue, magenta red, artic white, and, dare I say it, nipple pink, colours available for the Nokia Lumia 900. There was talk of an apple-candy red back in January and February but that seems to have gone off the radar.

L900-WhiteThe Lumia 900 is supposed to become available officially in Australia in the first week of May but I am not sure what colours will be available here. I also recall reading somewhere that it will only initially be available in ebony black and cyan blue, but I have seen on Allphones that you can advance order the artic white version as well (shown at right, click the picture to go to the Allphones page)—so maybe the black and blue are what Telstra will have but other carriers may have other colours.

Who knows . . .

I guess we will find out soon.

My four main interests in the Lumia 900 are:

  1. the massive quick-charge (1830 mAH) battery which should provide a good three or four days of battery life due to the low power requirements of the Windows Phone operating system which auto-closes unused applications (but this is yet to be proven);
  2. the high gain antenna (which should mean it works well in low-signal zones and should get it a Telstra ‘Blue Tick’ like the Lumia 800 already has);
  3. the ‘instant on’ 8MP f2.2 Carl Zeiss lens camera that comes on and takes a picture no matter what mode the phone is in if you press the physical camera button on the side of the phone; and
  4. the Windows Phone operating system (which many reviews are saying is the best phone operating system out there for ease-of-use and user experience).