Titbit: Samsung Sells 50,000 Phones per Work-hour

Samsung has managed to do something that only two years ago seemed impossible. They have knocked Nokia off as the number one worldwide seller of mobile phones (‘cell phones’ for my American readers).

GalaxyS11Worldwide in Q1 of 2012 (i.e., Jan to March) Samsung were selling 20,533 phones per hour for every hour of the day, for every day of the week. That is 342 phones per minute! They sold 44.5 million phones in Q1.

If you reduce it down to six work days a week and 12 work hours per day then it gets even more insane with Samsung selling 48,000 phones per hour or 800 per minute.

Nokia have plummeted from far and away the number one seller of mobile phones just two years ago into second place, with Apple sitting very close against them in third place. Market analysts expect Nokia and Apple to swap places by mid-year making the top two smartphone companies Samsung and Apple but with Samsung remaining a good 20 percent ahead of Apple in worldwide unit sales.