Titbit: Finally Finished Categorising My Posts

Regular readers who have been paying attention will know that about two months ago I enabled SquareSpace’s widget for putting postings into categories. While this seemed like a great idea at the time I think that I seriously under estimated the time that would be involved in going back through all my posts and putting each of them into categories.

Well I have finally completed this task. All postings have now been categorised.

I am not saying I did a good job of this; in fact I know that I have broken one of the golden rules of categorising posts which is that each post should be placed into at least two categories. But as I was going through there were a number of posts where I just could not work out two categories to put them into—so, hence, I have a number of posts that are only in one category.

However I did manage to comply with the suggestion that there should not be any ‘general’ or ‘other’ or ‘misc’ categories. But I sort of got around this a bit by having a ‘hmmmm’ category which I used to put postings into that I just could not get into one of my other categories.

The other downside to enabling ‘categories’ is that now each time I post a new posting to my site—such as this posting when I send it up—I then have another step I have to complete that I didn’t have to do before. I need to then go into SquareSpace and put the new posting into the relevant categories.

Everything has a downside . . . and I wonder if anyone will ever really use the categories to look back at past postings?