Titbit: USA Smartphone Ownership About to Hit 50 Percent

Sometime in the next two to three months smartphone ownership in the USA is forecast to hit 50 percent. At that point five out of every 10 people in the USA will own a smartphone. Or one in every two—if you prefer that comparison.

Of all the people who own a smartphone about 15 percent use their smartphone as their primary computing device; meaning they spend more time ‘computing’ using their smartphone that they do using a notebook or desktop computer.

While I don’t see smartphones taking over the role of business computing any time soon the time is coming when the world’s primary computing device could well be the smartphone, or its close cousin ‘the tablet’.

While the smartphone could be about to take over as the general consumer’s preferred computing device there will be certain people who will be using ‘proper’ computers for many years to come. Can you imagine working on a 40,000 row Excel spreadsheet, or making some fine adjustments to a MicroStation drawing, or authoring a 500 page book, or even crafting up a blog posting with a few images in it that need editing first, using a smartphone? I certainly can’t.