Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak: NO AGENDA

My three favourite podcasts at this stage are TWiT (from This Week in Tech, here), Windows Weekly with Paul Thurrott (from the WinSuperSite, here), and the NO AGENDA podcast by Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak.

NoAgendaThe NO AGENDA podcasts generally go for about 2.5 hours so they are good for going to sleep to at the motel (which takes me a good two hours to achieve) or listening to on the way out to site.

So! You might ask. What is the NO AGENDA podcast all about. Well it is a little hard to describe but I will give it a go. Basically Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak sort ‘get under’ the main news of the week. Mostly, but not always, American news. Mostly, but not always, news relating to governments and government policy and actions.

They dig out the code behind the news.

A new listener might simply say that they are conspiracy theory crackpots, finding government conspiracies and hidden meanings where there none to be found. But if you commit and listen longer term to the NO AGENDA podcasts you will start to find that many of the underlying reasons behind government policies and actions that Adam and John highlight start to line up and do make sense.

With some of their predictions they write them in the ‘red book’ and then they will verify them when they occur.

If you are somewhat interested in the what is really going on underneath the published news then you might find NO AGENDA an interesting listen. I do—twice a week; because they publish a new podcast twice a week.

The image links to the NO AGENDA show Web page. You can download podcasts from there. Or you can go to John C. Dvorak’s blog (Dvorak Uncensored, here) where John posts each new NO AGENDA podcast as it is released.