Woo Hoo! A Comment

The first bona-fide comment for the month and it is the 13th—almost half way through the month—so it is about time. Thank you Britanny.


Maybe I should have a prize for the first comment of the month? But that is too hard. Then I would need addresses and all such … too hard!

Britanny has commented on the posting “The Puzzle of the Soccer Girls Wallpaper” (here) from way back in May 2011. See, people do check old postings.

The link Britanny has in her comment goes to the following picture.


I guess this settles three points once and for all. (1) The model is all the same girl, (2) it is Keeley Hazell, and (3) it was done by Zoo Magazine. you can even see the fold mark in the page going down the middle of the picture (where it was pulled from the magazine so it could be scanned).

The picture links to the source if you want to see this image much larger. On the off chance that the image link might get broken (as so many Web links tend to) I have put a copy of the image in the Abalook SmugMug folio—so if the above link is broken then this link will open the very same image but from SmugMug (no password required).

The source site itself, called “Change in the Atmosphere”, seems to be an American Baseball discussion forum; but I must confess I did not do much digging around there so I could be wrong.

Again … thanks Britanny, for the comment and the link.

Edit >>> 15/6/2012 >>>

If you would like a 1680 x 1050 wallpaper of the Soccer Girls picture then you can find one in the Abalook SmugMug folio here. This picture is better exposed than the one above. I don't think it is a scan from the magazine as it also does not have the The Zoo magazine text in the bottom right hand corner or any visible crease mark running down the centre.