Daily Uniques are Trending Down … Errr, Plumetting


As the number of people linking over to the Adrianne Palicki post go down my daily unique count is going down as well.

As you can see from last week’s numbers, apart from a small kick-up on June 11th and 12th, my daily uniques are hovering around the 100 mark. So far today I have only pulled across 67 unique visitors—so today could well end up under 100. Which is kind of pathetic really for a site well into its third year. Especially one that is jam packed full of such diverse and interesting posts as this one is.

What I need is a new Adrianne Palicki. I have tried doing postings featuring other attractive celebrities hoping that I would stumble across a new celebrity with the Adrianne Palicki affect, but so far none that I have chosen to feature have worked. I wonder what it is/was about Adrianne?

If any of my small band of remaining readers have any suggestions for a ‘new’ Adrianne Palicki then please post a comment or send me an e-mail me to let me know.