Awesome Sexy Red Mobile Phone Holder

IMGP1521-SmallI have just ‘invented’ a seriously sexy mobile phone holder. It works fine for my Motorola Defy but I am thinking that you probably can’t get one to fit something like the seriously wide Samsung Galaxy Note and maybe not even the new supa-dupa Samsung SIII.

The picture is not the best. It was taken on my desk just using the available light and it was taken at ISO 6400 so, to the trained eye, there is a bit of digital noise happening. I have just relied on the Pentax in-camera processing to calm the digital noise down. I have not bothered to run these pictures through Noise Ninja to really smooth the digital noise it out.

Also, because it was taken using available light, which in my office is a combination of CFD (compact fluorescent) and halogen light sources, there is some kind a funny pink cast going on that I could not fully remove using DxO.

While this sexy mobile phone stand for use on an office desk works very well and looks awesome there are a couple of downsides.


Firstly they are only sold in sets of two. While this does mean that you have a spare or one to share with a buddy, it does put the price up a bit.

This sort of leads into the next issue. In the case of this particular mobile phone holder the price was up around $350 for the set so it is very unlikely that Tesltra or Optus will be giving them away free with their phones any time soon.