Stuff I Learnt From TWiT Episode 362: Apple Bottom Jeans

I am listening to TWiT (This Week in Tech, here) episode 362 in the background. With all the work I am doing I am getting a little bit behind on my podcast listening. It does not help that a lot of my travelling listening time, which used to be used to listen to TWiT, has been devoted to listening to book three of Game of Thrones over the last month or so.

On 362 of TWiT I learnt about MPAL. MPAL is ‘male pattern arse loss’. Becky Worley was on episode 362 and she has this thing about MPAL. ‘Male pattern arse loss’ is obviously a play on the phrase ‘male pattern baldness’.

JolieOdellBecky observed that Leo Laporte’s previous MPAL condition seemed to have recovered a bit, and after Leo offered her a grope of his butt to check it out, Becky declared that Leo’s previous MPAL situation was definitely improving due to Leo’s recent exercise regime.

Another thing I learnt about was Apple Bottom jeans because the other female on the show, Jolie O’Dell (shown in the picture at right), declared at one point that she was wearing Apply Bottom jeans and 4”heels.

Now initially I thought that Apple Bottom jeans had some kind of ‘apple bottom’ cuff—at the bottom on the leg of the jeans. But no! After a quick Google search I found out that Apple Bottom jeans are designed, cut, and made such that they lift and enhance a woman’s butt.

AppleBottomShortsSeems Apple Bottom (which turns out to be a brand rather than a style, as I originally thought) have been around for a while.

I had never heard of them. Never. Maybe they are not available in Australia?

But when you Google Apple Bottom jeans you find out all about them. They sort of do for a girl’s butt what lift and separate bras do for her boobs—make them look better.

You know me. I like to do the hard research . . .

So I tried to find a good example of Apple Bottom jeans, but I could not really find something in the zone of jeans worth posting. But it seems there are also Apple Bottom shorts and I did manage to find a postable (probably not a word) picture demonstrating Apple Bottom shorts doing their job.

If all Apple Bottom jeans have “Apple” and “Bottom” embossed on the back pockets like that then they would sure be hard to miss out in the wild.

AppleBottomAppleYou might ask then, maybe: “Why are they called ‘apple bottoms’? Well apart from Apple Bottoms being the brand name apparently, according to one article I found, it has something to do with the apple in the picture at right.