Titbit: Someone Diagnosed with Diabetes Every 5 Minutes in Australia

Just on ABC 24 News they just said that in Australia this year so far someone was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes every five minutes!

That’s 12 per hour. That is 288 per day; 1,240 per month.

HSD (holy snapping duckshit).

You are 800 times more likely in any given week to be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes than you are to win first division Saturday lotto!!

HSD*2 (double holy snapping duckshit).

The causes of type 2 diabetes are interesting. Back when I was diagnosed some three years ago now (I have been pricking my fingers four times a day for three years—no wonder I gave up the guitar) I did a bit of research on the causes. There are a lot of theories about the causes of type 2 diabetes including:

  1. Being overweight (most likely).
  2. Insufficient exercise (likely, and sort of linked to #1).
  3. Not eating enough salt over a long term (possible).
  4. Consumption of artificial sweeteners and in particular aspartame-based sweeteners (limited evidence).
  5. Consumption of large amounts of sugar even if you are not overweight [#1] and do get sufficient exercise [#2] (likely).
  6. Alcoholic drinks and especially abuse of high proof spirits (possible).
  7. Prescribed medications such as beta blockers and statins (likely).

I am sure there are many more but these are some that I researched.