Okay, That Was Funny: 43 Percent Were Boys

Just had to grab the computer, boot Windows back up, and blog this before I forget it.

I was just watching ABC 22 sitting here alone in my motel unit and this weird very short, very fast, little segment came on. I think is was called “News Roast” or “Roast News”, but it all happened so fast I can’t be sure. It was on and over in about two minutes. Seriously, if I had of blinked I really would have missed it.

5743ABC22It was an ‘article’ about how a recent survey has revealed, surprise, surprise, that 80 percent of young folk under 25 got, or are getting, their sex education from the Internet. Then the presenter zoomed through all these interesting sex ‘facts’, many of which were humorous but basically true at the same time, one of which was . . .

57 percent of young people surveyed said the didn’t really enjoy it the first time they had sex . . . the remaining 43 percent were boys.

Well I thought it was funny. Funny and probably totally true.