Crap! End of the world might be sooner than expected

Just when you think you have your finger firmly on the actual date of the end of the world someone goes and works out that the Mayan date calculation we all know off by heart by now—which is the 21st December 2012—is out by 67 days. Based on the latest Mayan calendar ‘prediction’ the world ends on Monday 15th of October.

I know. I know. I know what you are saying. Just about every week someone comes up with a corrected date for the end of the world based on the magical Mayan ‘last date’ calendar.

It seems the well known end-of-world data of 21st of December does not take into account calendar adjustments that have been made along the way over the 1000s of years that added in months and changed the number of days in a year.

This latest date has been worked out by a Russian calendar expert.

However, on the upside, a Mexican calendar expert attached to the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City (here) is adamant that the whole Mayan end date is a complete cock up. This is due to confusion between the Mexica and the Maya calendars and time calculations. It seems the Mayan Calendar everyone is referring to is not even a calendar so all date extrapolations done based on it are rubbish.

Anyway, just to be safe, you probably should get in a couple of cartons of baked beans and powdered milk in for the 15th of October. Be prepared and all that. And if you own a rifle (and not many folk in Western Australia do) then maybe get in a few extra ‘bricks’ of ammo. Could be useful after the end of the world hits.