New model Subaru Forester due February 2013

I love the Subaru Forester. I think that without any doubt whatsoever it is the best value for money of all the mid-range SUV options. It is an SUV that drives and corners like a sedan and yet still has respectable off-road capabilities. It helps that Subaru rate as the 5th most reliable car on the road based on engine and drive-train reliability. For anyone interested Honda are number one.

I bought my first Subaru Forester in 1998 just one year after it first came out in Australia. I am currently on my fifth unit.

I have clocked up over 160,000 kilometres in my current MY05 XT Forester and have been thinking about upgrading for some time now. But it seems I might have to put any upgrading plans off until Q1 next year. If the scoops are to be believed a re-designed Forester is due in Australia around February next year.

Going on the pictures I can find on the Web the new Forester is going to have a front grill that is much like the front of the new Impreza. Also the first two model will only have the 2.0 litre boxer motor although one of them has a twin-scroll turbo.


Based on VERY early reports the new Forester has improved aerodynamics compared to the current model, which should improve fuel efficiency on the open road.

But the big thing that interests me is that the twin-scroll turbo model is reported to have Subaru’s awarded CVT transmission in place of the seriously aging four speed automatic they have been using for about 10 years. I recently got to drive the CVT-based Impreza when my wife’s car was being serviced and I was very impressed. With no torque converter and no gear change engine power loss the CVT made the base Impreza 2.0 litre seem very zippy so, based on that, it should do wonders for the twin-scroll turbo model variant.

So I guess I will wait until early next year. If the new Forester works out to be a winner then I can look at getting into one (assuming I still have a job), and if the reviews indicate it is a flop then the superseded model will be cheaper. Either way waiting until after Christmas seems like the best strategy.