Nikon D600 ‘full-frame’ camera under AUD$3,000

Anyone who follows the camera and photography scene closely will know that Nikon recently released a budget priced full-frame camera. For around AUD$2,600 you can pick on one of the new D600 Nikon shooters—that would be without a lens.

You might ask what makes this camera exciting? It is full-frame—unlike all the other $3,000 and less cameras … which are half-frame or smaller. The number one rule of digital photography goes something like “the bigger the sensor the better”. Not bigger in pixels but bigger in physical size.


DPreview have not completed a full review of this unit yet but they have done one of their ‘previews’ which can be found here.

With a low-end zoom lens you could probably get into this full-frame camera complete with lens for very close to $3,000.

Ted’s Cameras currently have the D600 at AUD$2,599.95 (here)

TechRadar have put up an eight page review here. They give it 4.5 stars out of five.

Regular readers will know that I am a Pentax man although I did own a Nikon F801 camera for a brief period a long time ago—when we all still used film/slides. But I have to say that the idea of a full-frame camera is very seductive. But then again I hardly take any pictures at all anymore these days and for those occasions when I do get my camera out and turn it on my half-frame Pentax K-5 really is good enough. And if I wait long enough you can bet that Pentax will bring out a full-frame model—most likely, maybe.

Maybe when I get go for the loan for my new Forester (see previous post) I can add on a bit to cover the new—yet to be released—Pentax full-frame camera.