Top 5 posts for the last 30 days based on views

Following are the Top 5 posts based on views for the last 30 days.

Top5-1-Emilia1. Cute Babe 009: Emilia Clarke


Emilia Clarke has well and truly taken over as the top interest posting on my site from Adrianne Palicki, who is currently down at number 16.

Long time readers will be aware that Adrianne held a spot in the Top 5 for many months—for over a year actually. However Emilia, who plays ‘mother of dragons’ in Game of Thrones, has been in the Top 5 almost since I did my first post featuring her.

Can’t wait for Season Three of Game of Thrones to start. This is a big season for the ‘mother of dragons’. Not long now.

Click on the picture of Emilia to link to the posting.

2. Amazing Transformation: Designed Desktop Wallpaper


This posting goes way back to August 2010 and since that time it has consistently been in the Top 10.

It is about a wallpaper I found called the ‘Amazing Transformation’ and it features a girl transforming “from cute babe to goddess in four easy steps”.

If you haven’t seen this and are a bit curious you can find this posting here.

Top5-R2D2Heels3. Some Christmas presents just take a little more work


This is a very recent posting. It was posted on the 29th of December last year. Not even a month ago—yet it has made it into the Top 5. It has clocked up 291 views since it was posted.

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4. Sexual Arousal: Males Are Massively Visual

With 288 views this is another post that goes way back to November 2010 and yet still gets a lot of hits—in relative terms anyway, for a site that only gets about 130 to 160 unique visitors per day. It also picked up a relatively recent comment (in November last year) and, for some reason, comments to my site are very rare (hint, hint).

Reader ‘63yearold’ commented: “Very interesting and pretty accurate!! Well done!”


Click the above clipping to go to the post.

5. Memes from

This got 283 views. I am not too sure why really. Obviously someone is linking to it. If you want to check it out then you will find this posting here.

The interesting thing about posts like these getting high view counts is that it probably means that other sites are linking directly to them. You see if someone comes to my site via the basic URL of then they get placed at the top of the site roll and that ‘view’ is counted as a ‘Journal’ view. Then if they simply go down the posts sequentially using Next then none of those views gets recorded against the individual posts.

In order for individual posts to have their view counter incremented a reader has to actually click directly to that post either via a site search, using a link embedded in some other post they are reading, via the categories, or via a link from some other site or in an e-mail.

So, I wonder who is linking directly to my Emilia Clarke posting? Hmmmm. Whoever it is; thanks.