(De)Motivational posters at Despair.com

I was checking the list “The Most Addictive Sites on the Web for 2013” just in case Abalook made it onto the list. It didn’t. But as long as I had the list up I decided to have a look at some of the sites I had never heard of or been to. One of the was www.despair.com which is a site of sadly sort of true (de)motivational posters.

I thought I would share a few. All picture images below link to the ‘despair’ Web site.

For each poster I have also posted the associated ‘sales pitch’ after it because some of those are funny too.







I can totally agree with the next one. One week you read the Financial Review and the economy is apparently all roses and chocolates (i.e., going really well). Then the next week the tell you to stick your head up your bum and go ting-a-ling-a-loo (i.e., it is all bad and going to get worse).



To find these (de)motivational posters and many more when you go to the Despair site click on “Demotivators”.

Oh, and for anyone interested the Number 1 most addictive Web site for 2013 (so far, after just one month) is www.fmylife.com (F***MyLife). I had a look at this site and I can report that I won’t be checking back there any time soon. It did not seem ‘addictive’ in the least.