Featuring 500 pixels: I wish I got to take pictures like this

A Web site I go to now and then is 500 pixels. I am pretty sure I have mentioned this site before. 500 pixels is the picture posting site for those people taking pictures who are going more for quality than for quantity.

Pictures posted to 500 pixels get voted on by anyone who has an account. From this voting, the number of views, and number of likes, a dynamic (i.e., non-static) score out of 100 is calculated by some formula that is applied. These scores decay as the pictures become less popular, and this then allows other pictures to get into the upper echelons.

Most times when I have a little surf around 500 pixels I end up getting depressed. This is because of the great pictures these people get to take and some of the amazing equipment that they own.

Following is a small sample of pictures at the top of the voting at 500 pixels voting today.

All images link to the source page at 500 pixels.

The following is by Claire Lopez using a Nikon D50. It has a current score of 98.8. I just about drool when I see pictures like this. I would LOVE to get to take pictures of old rusting decaying steam trains like this. Look how the sand has about half way up the wheels.

I wonder if there is track under that sand that the engine is on?


The next one is the (current) highest scoring picture at 500 pixels with a current score of 99.8. This is by Navalarp Teratantorn using an Olympus E-P2

The picture is called “Alice in Wonderland”.


The third picture featured has a score of 99.0 and is by Evgeni Dinev using a Canon EOS 5D Mark II. It is called “The Labyrinth”.

I was curious about what looks like a water-mark at the bottom of the trees but I could not find anything about it in the notes for the picture.


My second last pick is called “The Ice Architect” and it is by Tim McCullough using a Nikon D300. Its score at the time I picked it off was 98.5.


My last pick is “Sunset on the Bend” by Mark Epstien using a Canon EOS-1D Mark IV. This has a score of 97.8.

There are thousands of pictures of Horseshoe Bend in the USA. Just do a search in Flickr or Photosig and you will see what I mean. But this one has some very nice colours happening due to the setting sun.


To see any of these pictures larger—assuming you are viewing them using a large-screen device such as a desktop computer—then click on them to go to the page at 500 pixels.

If you would like to see some really good photographs then it might be worth a visit to 500 pixels (here). In picking the pictures above I have only picked images that interest me so I have ignored pictures that are way over Photoshopped (because I don’t like pictures that are fiddled with too much to make them look ‘more amazing’), and pictures of animals and people.