Twin Peaks theme entirely on Cello (by Max Lilja)

Just posted over at the “Welcome to Twin Peaks” site in the last few days is an ‘all cello’ version of the haunting and awesome theme to Twin Peaks. I just never tire of hearing this simple but hypnotic tune.

As a word of warning to Peakers (errr, Twin Peaks fans) the arrangement by Max Lilja is very different to the Angelo Badalamenti arrangement we are all used to. And it becomes obvious very quickly that Max Lilja—who I had never heard of before but I might look up some of his other works now—is not your average cello player. That is, not unless your average cello player now surrounds himself with some very high-tech loop sampling and mixing technology to augment his playing.

The first two following grabs from the video link to the page World Premier: Max Lilja’s All Cello Twin Peaks Theme at the “Welcome to Twin Peaks” Web site. From this page you can get to the main video and will find another video where Max talks about doing the cello version of the Twin Peaks theme. I recommend going via this page, and it will also get more unique hits for the site.

If you prefer to just go directly to the music then the third picture links to the video at YouTube.



Please don’t listen to this music using your notebook, tablet, or smartphone speakers!

There is some very subtle stereo rolling going on in this track and, as you might imagine with a cello piece, the bass end is loaded with sound (which your notebook, tablet, or smartphone speakers will just not be able to reproduce). If you listen to this using a notebook, tablet, or smartphone then please use good quality headphones or ear-buds (which probably means they needed to have cost more than $50).