Titbit: Roundabouts. Yeah! That will work — NOT

It is generally accepted that the vast majority (that would be 95 percent) of Western Australian drivers have not a clue how to use a roundabout correctly.

I actually wonder why councils and main roads put roundabouts in.

I remember when I had to attend a compulsory road rules update and the instructor, a policeman, informed us that with all roundabouts that he was aware of, after the roundabout goes in the accident rate increased. So, a logical person might ask, if the accident rate goes up when roundabouts are put in then why are roundabout put in? Obviously NOT to decrease the accident rate.

Anyway, they are going in everywhere.

So, back to the point. Western Australian’s have almost no idea how to indicate when using a roundabout. So now the infringement penalty for indicating incorrectly on a roundabout is being increased to a $100 fine and 2 demerits.

That should make everybody use roundabouts correctly! NOT!