Abalook featured on addicted-to-heels

I meant to post about this some time back, but I forgot. A couple of my postings have been featured on Addicted-to-heels. I knew about the first posting but I only came across the second posting featuring SCN recently (last night actually).

The first reposing from Abalook on Addicted-to-heels is of the R2D2 high heels that my son arranged for his girlfriend. You can find that article on Addicted-to-heels here. To check out the original article here at Abablook see the posting “Some Christmas presents just take a little more work” which can be found here.

The second posting at Addicted-to-heels that features Abalook is titled “Abalook at these heels … don’t mind if we do”. It features a couple of my postings of SCN from way back around October 2011—almost 18 months ago.

The source posting on Addicted-to-heels can be found here. They obviously got the pictures they have posted from my SmugMug account. How do I know this? Because if you click on the pictures at Addiceted-to-heels you get the larger higher resolution version of the pictures which they could only have got from SmugMug.

So I think it is only fair that I repost a few of the great pictures from Addicted-to-heels.




Love that first picture. Very nice.

All pictures above link to the start page of Addictedtoheels. It seems like a pretty safe site to visit compared to hundreds of other high heels sites around the Web which are X, XX, and XXX. However, even so, Addicted-to-heels is probably NSFW because there are some pictures of semi-naked ladies although you only get to ever see boobs, butts, and—with a name like Addictedtoheels—obviously legs; so it is very ‘soft’. If Addicted-to-heels was a magazine at a newsagent it would not be in a plastic sleeve.

Anyway, thanks to Addicted-to-heels for any additional visitors they bring, or have already brought, to my site.