Titbit: 2D or3D? Errrrr, make that 2D please

Seems like 3D movies are still not taking off.

I very rarely go to the movies but being a huge Superman fan I thought I might make the effort and go and see the new ‘Man of Steel’ movie at the theatre. Rather than, as I  usually do, wait for the DVD to come out or until I can download it from the Torrents.

Man of Steel is getting very good reviews with the general view being that it could be the best ever Superman movie made.

So I checked into the Reading Theatre site to see if they had Man of Steel on there and what the times were. As I go the the movie so rarely, about once every two years, I usually treat myself to the Gold lounge theatre. In the Gold theatre you get a super-comfy lounge-style seats and you can order food to eat and alcoholic beverages to sip on during the show.

So at the Reading theatre they run 2D and 3D sessions interlaced each day in the Gold lounge theatre.

All of the 2D sessions from Wednesday through to next Tuesday, which was a far as they showed on the Web site, were fully booked and were all closed.

None of the 3D sessions for the same days were fully booked. Every session had lots of seats available.

I want to go to a 2D session so it seems I am not going until next weekend—assuming those sessions do not get booked out before I remember to check them.

But what this tells me, very clearly, is that people still much prefer the 2D versions of movies than the 3D versions.