Seems a few folk are reading through all my posts

It looks like there are about five or six people who are reading through all my posts. What makes me think this?

Well usually when I check the visitor statistics there are like 10 or 15 posts at the top that have most of the reads. And then it generally tails of rapidly down to the 2s and 1s, and then after about the Top 30 or so posts the number of readers goes quickly to zero.

But over the last week or so there have been five or six people opening posts going way back into the 100s and they are working through them serially from most current to older. To me this sort of indicates—but I could be completely mis-reading the signs here—that these readers are gradually making their way through all my old posts.

This is sort of flattering in a way—that some folks are choosing to read all my old stuff.

One of the issues with a blog style site is that most people only see the latest two or three postings and don’t bother to check much lower than that. So it is kind of good that there are some people digging down into my earlier stuff.

[Insert big grin here]