Four years and 900 posts

I just checked my e-mail in Outlook on my main computer and my calendar popped up a message and alerted me that on Sunday the 18th of August I had been running my site for four years. I would have set this alert for myself last year to remind me this year.

So then I decided to check how many posts I had made in those four years, and at that point it was exactly 900.

900 posts over four years.

My next milestone, assuming I make it, will probably be my 1000th post.

As I have mentioned before my daily unique visitor count is falling slowly but hopefully I will keep my interest going and continue posting.

Genuine thanks to those readers that have stuck with me. I hope I have posted the odd interesting article for your enjoyment. If you have any ideas for me to get more visitors then please feel free to post a comment and let me know.